Plant growth promotion & crop resilience

Truly active and proven

The factors that influence crop resilience and crop vigour are continually being developed as the demands of customers increase. The right climate, sufficient light, good water management, accurate plant nutrients, and integrated pest management are all examples of these positive influences. As genome technology and variety improvements continue, the need to optimize plant health and potential will continue to play a fundamental role in sustainable agriculture.

Demands on resources are steering the industry towards a more sustainable form of agriculture in the 21st century. Koppert has been at the forefront of developments in crop biotechnology over the last 50 years, working closely with our partners to increase natural resilience, develop plant disease and pest management strategies, and optimize crop yield.

Integral parts of this approach include the creation and management of biodiversity within a healthy root zone, plus the steering of assimilates to influence and stimulate plant performance from field to end consumer.

NatuGro optimizes the synergistic relationship between the plant and its environment, both above and below the ground. As crops become more resilient and balanced, many opportunities become available. This results in numerous long-term benefits, including a greater tolerance for plant stress, improvements in yield and quality, and a reduced dependency on inorganic inputs to control plant nutrients and plant diseases.

Optimizing plant potential

In any given agronomic situation, there will be challenges in optimizing the attainable crop potential. These will vary from imbalances in plant nutrients, plant diseases and pest risks, water and soil quality, and increasingly market and financial constraints.

Koppert focuses on relationship between the plant and its environment.

1. Micro-organisms

Commencing with the rhizosphere, and maximizing the relationship between plant roots and the soil.

Increasing the biodiversity in the root zone using rhizosphere inoculants

  • Phyto stimulation / plant nitrogen fixing
  • Mineral solubilization / enhanced plant nutrient uptake
  • Plant disease and pest management
  • Substrate/soil health
  • Healthy roots and crop establishment

Koppert products: Trianum P, Trianum G, Microflora SA

2. Natural biostimulants and biofertilizers

As the environment changes and the crop goes through different stages of development, the ability to stimulate specific and known natural responses in the crop can make a significant contribution in realizing the goals of plant growth and integrated crop management.

Biostimulants, that have a targeted application outcome, can provide the grower and retailer, with a crop that is balanced and proactively prepared for the next phase of the development process. This can include crop establishment, fruit and flower production, harvest quality and disease management.

Koppert products: Vidi Parva, Vidi Terrum, Vidi Fortum