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Asian citrus psyllid

Asian citrus psyllidDiaphorina citri


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Spider mites and other mites

Broad mite

Broad mitePolyphagotarsonemus latus

Spider mite

Spider miteTetranychus urticae

Spider mites and other mites

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Mealybugs and scales

Citrus mealybug

Citrus mealybugPlanococcus citri

Long-tailed mealybug

Long-tailed mealybugPseudococcus longispinus

Mealybugs and scales

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Best products for Asian citrus psyllid in Gerbera

Damage symptoms of Asian citrus psyllid in Gerbera

The psyllid is a sucking insect that inserts its mouthparts into plant tissue to feed. Adults feed on young stems and on leaves of all developmental stages. Nymphs feed on young leaves and stems, continuously secreting copious amounts of honeydew and a thread-like waxy substance so black sooty mold develops on the honeydew. Their feeding damages citrus by burning back new shoots or causing leaves to twist or notch as they mature. Worst damage is done when the insect is vector of the bacterium Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus that cause the fatal citrus disease called citrus greening or huanglongbing (HLB). Nymphs and adults of the psyllid take the bacteria into their bodies by feeding on bacteria-infected plants and then disease is spread when adults fly to a healthy plant and injects bacteria into it as they feed. The disease can kill a citrus tree in as little as five years, and there is no known cure.

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A healthy plant is the basis for high production. However, cultivation conditions for crops are seldom optimal. Find biostimulants and biofertilizers to optimize plant potential and crop resilience.

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Bumblebees are very effective pollinators which results in good fruit set and savor of labour costs. Our Natupol solutions guarantee maximum pollination, even under difficult conditions. Find the best bumblebees for your crop.

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Biological seed treatment products reduce the need for fertilizers, boost plant resistance and can increase yield. Based on a biological fungicide, they give immediate protection against diseases. Find the right products for your crop.

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