A NatuGro Case Study

In 2015, Koppert selected a strawberry field in Central Coastal California, among other fields in this region, to test the application of the NatuGro system for the purpose of yield increase in field grown fresh market strawberries. The NatuGro system comprises of a combination of products that is easily integrated in drip applications and follows a fool proof application schedule based on international experience by the Koppert research department. Here we present the findings of a case study where the grower implemented the NatuGro system from planting until the last harvest and was able to increase yield by 10.7% effectively compared to the plot without the NatuGro system.

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A NatuGro Case Study

Why this case study?

  • Find out how NatuGro can increase production, fruit size and quality
  • Get a fool proof application schedule
  • Based on international experience


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