NatuGro in strawberry

NatuGro in strawberry

Build bigger profits from the ground up with the NatuGro system

  • More than 50 years of experience
  • Our solutions are applied successfully in more than 100 countries
  • R&D centres on every continent

The NatuGro system can boost strawberry growers’ crop yields by up to 10 percent. With a proprietary combination of micro-organisms, bio-stimulants and tailored advice more than 85% of growers who have tried the system have managed to increase their yields by 5 percent or higher.

Ideally suited for California growing conditions, the NatuGro system features a suite of naturally derived products that enhance:

  • Early-season vigor
  • Plant growth
  • Total yield

Proven results and performance guarantee

The NatuGro system has been tested by 24 strawberry growers in California over 4 years. 85% of the strawberry growers were able to increase their yields by 5 percent or higher, bringing their return on investment to four to five dollars for every dollar spent on NatuGro. Field trials were carried out in the United States from 2015-2018. Trial locations were located in the three major strawberry producing regions in California (Watsonville/Salinas, Santa Maria and Oxnard).

Why choose NatuGro in strawberries

  • Return on investment of up to 500%;
  • Higher production, bigger fruit size and better quality;
  • Contains only naturally derived products;
  • Boosts plant health and ability to defend against stress and diseases;
  • Less expenses on inorganic inputs (chemicals/fertilizer).

Performance guarantee

The results of all the trials are very promising. Danny El-Aaidi, West Coast sales manager,: “We are so confident that we give Californian strawberry growers an iron-clad performance guarantee. If a grower doesn’t make at least two dollars for every dollar spent on NatuGro, he will not be charged.“

The NatuGro system consists of the following products

Trianum: the beneficial fungi Trichoderma harzianum T-22, which forms a physical barrier along the surface of roots, giving soil pathogens no room to establish. If the plant roots are attacked, T. harzianum inhibits growth of the pathogen. In addition, T. harzianum also promotes plant growth due to its synergistic interaction with the plant roots.

Three bio-stimulants that activate beneficial organisms in the soil and give strawberry plants the readily available uptake-able nutrients they need for optimal growth and fruit development. optimum vigor.

  • Vidi Parva: Initiates root growth.
  • Vidi Fortum: Promotes the growth of the plant and boosts biological activity around the roots.
  • Vidi Terrum: Increases plant vitality and resistance against stress (extra energy).

50 years experience and a lot of R&D efforts

The ongoing attempt to discover and utilize natural principles forms the backbone of Koppert’s activities. Koppert has done so for 50 years.

It all started when cucumber grower Jan Koppert and his son Peter decided to dedicated themselves to finding an alternative method of crop protection. Nowadays we provide our biological solutions to more than 100 countries worldwide for a wide range of crops, including strawberries, and we have R&D centres in every part of the world.

Continuous research brings new insights: the level of disease suppression in the soil, for example, is extremely important to achieve healthy, vital plants. This also accounts for strawberry growing. You can improve disease suppression in the soil with products from the NatuGro system. The beneficial bacteria and fungi, extracts, and acids in these products promote active and diverse soil life, which in turn improves the soil balance, making substances available to the plants that increase their resilience, and ability to absorb nutrients. The plants are more vital, their vigour is improved, and their resilience is increased.

Koppert’s extensive know-how in micro-organisms, biostimulants and pheromones has inspired countless solutions that have improved plant resilience to the point that diseases hardly stand a chance. This has strengthened Koppert’s commitment to microbiology. The identification of fungi and bacteria which naturally improve the growth and productivity of plants, while strengthening the natural resilience of crops against diseases that are mainly transmitted through the root, form the basis for a range of Koppert’s seed, soil and plant enhancement products.

Koppert is determined to continually discover and harness the potential of natural solutions.

Personal custom tailored advice

More than 6 professional local Koppert consultants available, covering the 3 strawberry regions in California. Koppert consultants ensure that strawberry growers are supported in handling their challenges on a daily basis. Our consultants work with growers to develop a customized program specific to their soil conditions, production cycle and other factors. They help with planning (up front) of the introduction schedule over the growing season. This way we ensure maximum result for each situation.