Category: Press release
Date published: August 18, 2021

Thripex with More Punch - Now Available in Bulk

Combat Thrips Infesations with Thripex

A trusted biological solution for thrips infestations, Thripex, now offers even better protection for this harmful pest in a highly concentrated formulation for optimal efficacy in many crops - especially soft fruit.

‘We see that other measures to control thrips are losing ground, increasing the need to work with predatory mites,’ says Product Manager Tim Bossinga. ‘In response to this demand for more predatory mites per square metre, Koppert now has a product with a higher concentration of predatory mites in a greater volume with less carrier material. This not only holds advantages for growers; the economical 6-litre bucket format also makes it easier to transport all along the supply chain.’

Thripex has been an important biological solution for thrips control for many years and is used effectively in crops in which whitefly is not present. The predatory mite Neoseiulus cucumeris establishes itself in the crop and can control different types of thrips by consuming the eggs and the first larval stage of the pest. This predatory mite also has an effect on other small organisms such as spider mites and tarsonemid mites (e.g. strawberry mite and broad mite).


  • Higher concentration
    • More predatory mites per metre (particularly useful where thrips have developed resistance to chemical agents)
    • Quicker application time
    • Less carrier material left in the crop
  • Less waste material

Thripex is supplied in a bucket which contains 500,000 predatory mites in carrier material.Thripex is also available in bottles (50,000 per bottle) and bucket (100,000 per bucket).