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Date published: December 28, 2020

More Sustainable Nematode Formulation


Beneficial Nematode Products with Excellent Dissolvability

A new formulation will gradually become available for our Steinernema feltiae and Steinernema carpocapsae based nematode products, including Entonem, Capsanem and Scia-Rid.

The composition of the carrier material has been entirely changed with a new formulation based on 100% biodegradable formulants. The new formulation has the advantage of being much easier to dissolve making it fully compatible with the available spraying/irrigation systems in the market, including Dosatron®.

Continued outstanding performance
"Users will not easily notice the change based on the look & feel of the new formulation, except for the bags in the outer box which have a different colour now, namely green": says Product Manager Cyrille Verdun. The formulation still:

… looks the same, is paste-like, and becomes a gel once water is added
… leaves no residue
… has the same efficacy!

Dissolvability of Nematode Formulations in 1 Liter Water

New opportunities
"We have succeeded in releasing a formulation that answers most of the worldwide market needs: quality, shelf life, dissolvability, and sustainability," says Cyrille. "Formulation is paramount for a healthy and successful nematode product range. This certainly gives Koppert a big advantage in this field when it comes to the competition."

Correct application is crucial
It remains crucial that nematodes are applied correctly to reach the required effectivity. Cyrille: "We have an informative video showing all steps that need to be taken. I advise all users to consult it."

How-To-Use Videos