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Date published: November 04, 2020

New edition Insect Pest Management

New edition Insect Pest Management

Originally written in 1991 and updated in 2000, the third edition of this valuable reference book will soon be released. Published by CABI and showing a Koppert photograph on its cover, Insect Pest Management, will be available towards the end of November.

Prominent entomologists David Dent and Richard Binks of Koppert UK fortuitously met at Koppert's 50th anniversary celebrations in the Netherlands three years ago and have since updated and edited the third edition of Insect Pest Management.

'IPM is continuously moving forward, especially in the last five years, with a host of new biological solutions and other advances, so it was high time to bring this popular reference book up to date,' says co-author Richard Binks. 'A new generation of students is keen to learn about more sustainable farming methods, and the loss of many insecticides has created gaps for alternative sustainable solutions for many growers these days. Time to bring them up to speed on all the developments!'


The book covers monitoring and forecasting of pest outbreaks, yield loss and impact assessments and all of the latest methods involved in the control and management of insects. It includes coverage of host manipulation, plant resistance, biological control, use of interference, agronomic precision control methods and insecticides as well as socio-economic and research management aspects of developing integrated approaches to pest management.

The new edition reflects the key advances made in the disciplines of molecular biology, biochemistry and genomics related to insects and their management. It also considers the importance and role of biodiversity, climate change, precision agriculture, data management and sustainability of production and supply in delivering integrated management solutions.

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