Category: News
Date published: June 02, 2022

Help, whitefly! Now what?

If you encounter whitefly in your crop, you know that you need to take action as quickly as possible. But where should you start? And what is the most effective method of control? The following tips will help you when whitefly makes your life, and that of your crop, difficult.

  • Compile a step-by-step plan in advance so that you know what action to take if you find whitefly in your crop. What are the options? When should I do what? Determine the strategy that you intend to follow and stick to it.
  • Scout the crop thoroughly. Is the infestation localized to one spot or spread throughout the crop? To choose an effective control method, you first need to know the scope of the attack.
  • Don’t underestimate the problem – whitefly can develop at lightning speed. Decide and act quickly and ensure that you get some insight into the severity of the situation.
  • If you’re too late for biological control, use other methods such as soaps or selective chemicals to try to reduce the population. Note that these methods can also harm the natural enemies of whitefly. You can always check the side effects app from Koppert for further information, which is free to download.

If you have only minimal experience with whitefly attacks, are uncertain, or prefer to consult with someone, please contact a Koppert consultant and request advice on the steps that you should take.