Category: Knowledge
Date published: March 04, 2023

The various stages of the spider mite

If you put the spider mite under the microscope, you will easily recognize all stages of its lifecycle. It starts with the eggs, which are as round as a ball. These eggs produce larvae, which have just six legs. To begin with, they are transparent, but as they eat, they become darker. The larvae develop into nymphs, which have eight legs. We distinguish two different nymph stages in the spider mite.

The adult spider mite, i.e., a mite in its fifth stage of development, can vary in color quite considerably. Adult females are half a millimeter in size, and their bodies are oval in shape. Males are smaller and narrower, with a slightly pointed back. They are also slightly more mobile than the females. It’s also worth knowing that you can find all stages on the underside of the leaves.