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Date published: August 05, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers about the Quad

Q: Why is there paper mesh tape covering the exit of the hive doors?
A: By allowing the bees to chew through the mesh tape, the bees are able to calm down from their shipping and handling, enabling the bumblebees to perform their correct orientation flights.

Q: How do I close the hives prior to chemical applications?
A: When collecting the workers in the hive, slide the door to the entrance-only position. Do this prior to sunrise when the bees are not active. Leave the hive doors in this position for a few hours following sunrise to ensure all of the bees have returned to the hives. Reopen the hive doors in the morning prior to sunrise when the bees will be less active.

Q: Can bumblebees be used along with honeybees?
A: Bumblebees and honeybees can be used together. Koppert recommends separating the two species by a minimum of 100 yards. It is preferred that they are placed on opposite ends of the crop.

Q: How many bees are in a bumblebee hive?
A: There are on average 250 bees in each hive.

Q: How many hives do I need?
A: If Koppert bumblebees are the only pollinators present, Koppert typically recommends 2 hives for every acre, with the exception of blueberries and cranberries where Koppert recommends 3 hives per acre.

Q: When should orders be placed?
A: Orders should be placed a minimum of 14-16 weeks prior to delivery. Call for last minute availability.

Q: When should hives be put in the crop?
A: Place the hives when the crop is 5-10% bloom.

Q: How long will the bumblebee hives last?
A: The hives will last approximately 6-8 weeks.