Category: Knowledge
Date published: August 10, 2021

Show Whitefly a Yellow Card


With summer temperatures up in the high 70s and high 90s in some places, pests like whitefly are thriving. That's why it's particularly important to show these pests a yellow card!

Whitefly and many other insects stand no chance against Horiver sticky traps - the most effective sticky trap for detection and mass trapping. These sticky traps are vital for weekly checks of pests. Crop checks are also important for detecting pests.

Ask your consultant about the best approach if you detect whitefly or other pests in your crop.

Outstanding quality

Independent research has established that Horiver sticky traps come out top when compared to similar products. The traps retain their quality adhesive properties at high temperatures and help growers trap all types of flying pest insects. They give growers an early indication of the pests in their greenhouses and the opportunity to find the right biological solution in good time. Timely intervention can prevent the need for chemical agents