Natutec Drone

Natutec Drone

Airborne technology for biological control of harmful pests

Use Natutec Drone for the effective and efficient release of a range of biological organisms in record time over large agricultural expanses. It is a unique dispersal mechanism that can carry a wide range of biological products and disperse them with great accuracy and efficacy over 8 hectares in the space of an hour. The high-tech release system was designed and developed in-house by Koppert’s Technical Department. Koppert has used its specific know-how about the mechanics needed to disperse different carrier materials, in combination with its knowledge of predatory mites and other insects, to make this advanced release system a success.
Additionally, Koppert has partnered with UAV-IQ, which stands for “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Intelligence”, to be our chosen company to supply the most capable and highly skilled drone pilots. UAV-IQ is an agricultural technology (“AgTech”) company that leverages deep experience in large-scale drone operations and precision agriculture to develop and scale solutions for growers.


These Koppert products for the control of spider mite and thrips can now be dispersed using Natutec Drone:

These Koppert products for the control of spider mite and thrips will be able to be dispersed using Natutec Drone in the near future:

General information

Natutec Drone combines more than 50 years’ experience in the production of biologicals, with extensive R&D knowledge and experience in the field, to produce a high-tech dispersal mechanism that transports vulnerable beneficial organisms to disperse them accurately where they are needed. The complete system (drone and dispersal system) weighs 15 kg/33 lbs and it has a wingspan of 1.5 meters/4.9 feet. The Natutec Drone can carry loads of up to 13 litres.

The benefits of Natutec Drone dispersal:

  • Significant labour-saving – your staff can carry out other tasks while the drone does the work; especially during peak periods when manpower is stretched
  • Time-saving – the drone system disperses beneficial organisms over 8 hectares (20 acres) per hour. That’s 20 times faster than manual dispersal!
  • Easy reach – the drone can reach areas that may be difficult to access on the ground – such as elevated areas or wet ground conditions
  • Even distribution - accurate dispersal of vulnerable organisms by an advanced aerial dispersal system
  • Aerial dispersal – this shortens the time the beneficial organisms need to establish itself in the ecosystem and do its work in the crop
  • Trained pilots - Koppert’s drone pilots are specifically trained to work with the vulnerable beneficials and the unique dispersal system. Two controllers keep the Natutec Drone stable and you can follow its progress in the crop visually via iPad or laptop.

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Successful trials in the U.S.

Trials have been conducted with the release system using drones for biocontrol in outdoor strawberries. “Using the Natutec Drone for biocontrol applications ensures a more uniform dispersal due to the programmed flight patterns”, says Koppert’s IPM Consultant and Account Manager, in the US, Chrissie Davis. “Plus, growers using Natutec Drone are able to cut labor costs and time associated with manual biocontrol dispersal. An added advantage of the drone is also that the drone can disperse beneficial insects even after heavy rains or irrigation.”

The Natutec Drone will initially be available in the U.S. where it has been tested. More countries are likely to follow once the necessary adaptations for local conditions have been carried out and tested.