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Date published: August 05, 2021

Koppert Launches NatuGro System for California Strawberry Growers

Build Bigger Profits from the Ground Up with the NatuGro System

Koppert Biological Systems, a leading provider of safe, natural solutions for improving crop health, resilience and production, recently announced the introduction of its new NatuGro System in the California strawberry market.

NatuGro features a proprietary combination of micro-organisms, bio-stimulants and professional, customized advice to help strawberry growers boost crop yields by up to 10 percent. The three components of the NatuGro System are:

  • Micro-organisms, such as Trichoderma harzianum T-22 (under the brand name TRIANUM), which form a physical barrier along the surface of roots, giving soil pathogens no room to establish
  • Bio-stimulants that activate beneficial organisms in the soil and give strawberry plants the nutrients they need for optimum vigor. These include:
    • VIDI PARVA: a cold-pressed plant extract from plant-based materials with root-stimulating properties
    • VIDI FORUM: a cold-pressed extract of seaweed, humic acids, herbs and other ingredients. It contains large quantities of organic elements such as amino acids, enzymes, plant hormones and a broad spectrum of sugars
    • VIDI TERRUM: a plant extract with high concentrations of amino acids and peptides shown to increase plant vitality.
  • Personal, custom-tailored advice from a highly qualified Koppert representative. Local Koppert representatives work with growers to develop customized programs specific to their soil conditions, production cycles and other factors.

“We feel so confident in the NatuGro System’s ability to increase strawberry yields, we back it with an iron-clad performance guarantee,” noted Danny El-Aaidi, Sales Manager for Koppert. “If a grower doesn’t make at least two dollars for every dollar spent on NatuGro, we will not charge him a dime. We’ve been able to deliver on this promise time and time again in research trials and large-scale grower trials. In fact, most strawberry growers were able to increase their yields by up to 10 percent, bringing their return on investment to four to five dollars for every dollar spent on NatuGro.”

For more information on the NatuGro system, click here.

*Due to government regulations these products and offer is Only available in California.

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