Bumblebee pollination

What is bumblebee pollination?

Bumblebee pollination is a vital and efficient process for growers seeking high-quality crop yields. As natural pollinators, bumblebees play a crucial role in enhancing fruit and vegetable production, leading to better harvests and improved crop quality. Unlike other pollinators, bumblebees have unique characteristics that make them exceptional at this task. Their large size allows them to carry larger pollen loads, ensuring enhanced cross-pollination between plants.

Furthermore, bumblebees have specialized techniques, such as 'buzz pollination,' which effectively releases pollen from flowers. By integrating bumblebee hives into agricultural practices, growers can significantly increase pollination success rates, leading to better fruit set, increased fruit size, and better crop uniformity. Embracing bumblebee pollination as a sustainable and eco-friendly approach will not only benefit growers economically but also contribute to the preservation of biodiversity and the overall health of ecosystems

Why are bumblebees good pollinators?

Bumblebees are very effective and efficient pollinators as they visit a high number of flowers per minute and transfer more pollen to the stigma than other pollinators.

Benefits of bumblebees are:

  • Bumblebees switch between trees and rows while pollinating. This benefits cross pollination which is often required in various fruit or seed crops.
  • Bumblebees are active from early morning till late at night and also at relatively low temperatures (approx. 10°C) or during more cloudy or windy conditions.
  • Bumblebees are more effective in protected environments such as greenhouses, tunnels or netted orchards compared to honeybees.
  • Bumblebees tend to visit all crops close to the hive, which can be a benefit when less attractive crops need better pollination.
  • Bumblebees are not very aggressive and easy to use.

Why choose Koppert bumblebees?

Koppert bumblebees present a reliable, sustainable solution that guarantees maximum pollination. The Natupol system is the result of over 35 years of accumulated expertise coupled to the latest technology – our best bumblebees, technically advanced hives, combined with our customized advice, deliver consistent performance and the best value for money.

Maximum pollination potential

Natupol results in at least 30% more pollination potential when compared to rival products because Koppert’s bumblebee colonies grow faster and last longer. The hive design developed over the years helps bumblebees to save 20% of the energy usually spent on cooling and heating the hive.

High quality bumblebees

Vital colonies with a long life span offer more pollination hours. Comparison trials showed Natupol colonies produced more brood and bees over a longer period of time, prolonging the overall pollination

Best availability in the market

Natupol colonies are available throughout the year and have a short delivery time. The international supply chain is well organized and strictly controlled. Koppert now has production facilities in Slovakia, Turkey, the United States and Mexico. Growers can be assured of compliance with the local food safety requirements imposed by their customers and stringent environmental legislature

Customised advise & support for growers

Over 450 consultants and 200 distributors worldwide help growers by offering expert advice using best practices while working with Natupol. Our highly trained and solution-oriented consultants investigate problems and present custom-made solutions. We consider customer feedback essential!

Ready for tomorrow’s challenges

Pro-active research and collaboration with a number of scientific institutes and universities ensure we are geared for the future. With feedback from customers and local trials at numerous locations, Natupol products have been tried and tested to give you effective, affordable and sustainable solutions which satisfy customer demands.

Best value for money

All the above benefits ensure maximum pollination results at low pollination costs per kg giving customers the best value for money.