The definition of ‘Tropical Plants’, are plants that grow naturally in a tropical climate. Tropical plant is a typical north American term, whereas in other countries this group of plants is often referred to as ‘Green Potted Plants’.

In colder climates north of the equator, tropical plants are often grown as houseplants and set outside during the warm, sunny months. Commercially, tropical plants can be grown in colder climates, but they must be grown inside of greenhouses and with other forms of controlled environment agriculture. For this reason most commercial produced tropical plants are grown is southern states.

Tropical plants require consistently warmer temperatures and more humid environments than regular plants. Tropical plants also come in both blooming and foliage plants. Bromeliads, palms, and orchids are considered tropical plants.

Contrary to what most people expect, many of the tropical plants do not do well in direct sunlight and should be located in shadier environments. Because many tropical plants naturally grow near the sea, many species of tropical plants can tolerate higher than average salt levels.