Bedding plants


Bedding plants are usually annual, biennial or tender perennial plants used in gardens and parks. There is a wide range of plants especially produced to demonstrate coloured flowers in spring and summer. They are easily divided in four different categories:

  • Hardy annual plants which are planted directly into the soil already early in the season: sunflower, poppy, stock, clarkia, dianthus, nigella, godetia, eschscholzia
  • Tender annual or perennial plants are planted in a protected environment in late winter: begonia, chrysanthemum, arguranthemum, lobelia, petunia, pelargonium, cosmos, nicotiana, fuchsia
  • Hardy biennial plants or perennial plants that serve as perennial; antirrhinum, polyanthus, daisy, foxglove, various dianthus and poppy varieties, campanula, delphinium, aubrieta, cornflower, pansies, aquilegia
  • Corms, rhizomes, bulbs and tubers. These are planted every year and removed after the plant has died down. During winter they are either stocked away or disposed of: tulip, narcissus, gladiolus, hyacinth, canna, dahlia.