Less use of chemical pesticides due to Natutec Scout

Less use of chemical pesticides due to Natutec Scout

The time of endless Excel sheets with rows full of scout data about disease and pest pressure is over for good at Scheurs in De Kwakel since they switched to Natutec Scout. Koppert's crop scout app even ensures that less chemical pesticides are used at the rose and gerbera grower.

Henri Volgering, Scout at Schreurs, explains: “Scouting is very important within this cultivation. This is why we not only conduct a weekly count of all sticky traps but also engage everyone working in the greenhouse to remain alert for pests such as the Onion thrips (Thrips tabaci), Greenhouse whitefly (Trialeurodes vaporariorum) and Southern European marshland pyralid (Duponchelia fovealis). We aim to be proactive should intervention be required."

Precision monitoring of pests and diseases

The flower grower has been utilizing the crop scout app for a considerable time now, yielding positive outcomes. ''Scouting is more efficient, simple and clearer compared to previous methods. The app's user-friendliness stands out. Each sticky trap can be individually inserted for every pathway. You have the option to manually count and enter the quantities of thrips or whitefly, or opt for automatic counting by scanning the sticky trap," according to Volgering.

"Upon inputting all the data into the app, it seamlessly syncs with the computer," the Scout elaborates. "The data is then organized into graphs. This allows for the observation of trends in pest pressure, whether they are escalating or diminishing, and offers insights into the most recent developments."


Less use of chemical pesticides

The crop scouting app offers an additional advantage in terms of accessibility for consultants. Like growers, crop consultants can observe pest pressures within the greenhouse. This direct insight into scout results allows consultants, such as Wim van der Meer from Koppert, to compare current scout sessions with previous ones. ''This facilitates the rapid identification of trends and shifts in pest and disease development. Of particular note is the utilization of the 'Heatmap' feature, wherein colors on the company's map indicate the severity of the pest pressure. This feature swiftly and clearly illuminates the path towards optimal crop protection.''

This not only streamlines the process of providing informed advice but also accelerates the ability to take prompt action. ''The swift integration of biological interventions reduces the necessity for chemical pesticides,'' as aptly summarized by Henri Volgering.

Data-driven IPM

Natutec Scout is a scouting tool for crops designed for accurate pest monitoring and real-time notifications. A crop scouting tool can contribute to making the cultivation of horticultural crops more efficient, sustainable, and profitable. Natutec Scout provides more precise information about disease and pest populations, enabling the early detection of hotspots and targeted local control.