Condition of the Crop the best Indicator of the Effect of Trianum


Although we cannot see Trianum hard at work ‘underground’, the proof becomes apparent above the ground: a strong and vital crop! We often assess the success of a strategy or application based on what we can see.

But when it comes to biological crop protection, there is a great deal that is hidden from sight. This is also the case with Trianum, which does all its hard work underground.


A more vital crop

Trianum has proven its effectiveness time and time again. These active Trichoderma harzianum T-22 fungi colonize the roots of the plant and keep pathogens at bay. And that's not all: they also stimulate root growth and the absorption of nutrients.

The impact of Trianum can be seen in the quality of the crop. A better balance in the soil means that treated plants generally grow better, have greener and firmer leaves, and are more vital. Leaf and fruit analyses also show that treated plants contain more sugars and more mineral nutrients that are difficult to absorb. That's more than enough proof that Trianum is a quiet but hard and efficient worker!

Preventative use

The value of Trianum becomes particularly apparent in situations of crop stress. Crops treated with Trianum recover quicker after a long period of warm weather and their growth is reactivated much more effectively after a period of inactivity as a result of a heatwave. This demonstrates that Trianum is not only effective for combating soil-borne diseases, but that it can also be used preventively to prepare the plant for stressful situations.