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Date published: September 10, 2020

Koppert Announces the Promotion of Jeremy Sinift to Hydroponic Crop Team Manager


Koppert Biological Systems is Excited to Announce the Promotion of Jeremy Sinift to Crop Team Manager, Servicing U.S. Hydroponic Vegetable Clients!

Howell, MI, September 9, 2020 – With the recent promotion of Jeremy Sinift, Koppert further solidifies our industry-leading technical support and service for our growing list of hydroponic vegetable customers. Stepping into Ferdi Van Elswijk’s vacated role as Crop Team Manager, Jeremy brings with him over a decade of greenhouse experience, adding his expertise to an already impressive team of hydroponic technical support specialists here in the US. The hydro team’s objective has been, and will continue to be, supporting clients with the highest quality IPM technical assistance, and we are confident Jeremy will lead them to continue their track record of consistently and reliably achieving all of their goals!

“We are excited that Jeremy will be transitioning into this key position for KBSI. The hydroponic market is a core focus for KBSI, and we are confident that Jeremy and his team will continue to innovate and provide additional value for these important clients.”, Ryan Hill, General Manager of Koppert US.

Jeremy’s new role is leading the hydroponic vegetable team of consultants, helping them in their efforts to expand and elevate Koppert’s level of service to its clientele through innovation and collaboration, and to liaise with our customers in hopes of translating their needs into efficient and effective solutions. As the greenhouse industry continues its growth, Jeremy will ensure that the hydroponic crop team is perfectly positioned to effectively respond to the demands of today and of the future. Koppert’s ability to work closely with growers gives the grower access to information, science-driven data, and industry-specific knowledge that reminds us all how illusionary global borders truly are. We are all in this together, and Koppert’s mission exemplifies that truth. The ongoing research and development undertaken by our affiliates across the globe continues to reveal how best to utilize the natural principles of working in concert with nature. The hydroponic crop team will have at their disposal this full intellectual and practical arsenal that enables our company to remain a global leader.

Koppert Biological Systems is currently the leading provider of biological solutions in hydroponic vegetables, and with Jeremy Sinift’s continued commitment, we are confident that we will further continue to grow our presence in this industry and help even more of our partners achieve their goals of providing food for America. In partnership with nature, we make agriculture safer, healthier and more productive.

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