Category: News
Date published: March 09, 2020

Bayer's New 7.5 Acre Corn Breeding Greenhouse

After almost three years of working with Koppert Biological Systems to develop biological control strategies for hydroponic corn, Bayer’s new 7.5 acre Marana greenhouse is ready for operations.

On March 4th, 2020, Bayer hosted their official ribbon-cutting ceremony and Koppert was invited to participate. Our Technical Sales Representatives, Pete Miller and Jordan Marcellus, members of the Hydroponic Crop Team, attended the event. Additionally, they brought with them, live predatory insects under microscopes to offer a “hands-on” demonstration for the employees of Bayer and the local public. Furthermore, the event was live streamed across the global Bayer network. This event marked the opening of the most advanced corn breeding greenhouse in North America, if not the world.


Koppert Biological Systems is proud to partner with the best in the business. We are also confident that the partnership between the two global leaders in their respective industries will continue to grow, as the Bayer organization raises the bar on greenhouse technology and production.