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Date published: August 10, 2021

Operation Mealybug

Mealybugs Don't Stand a Chance

Powerful weapons are needed to deal with a mealybug infestation. Introducing the new heroes in the battle: the larvae and adults of the predatory beetle Cryptolaemus montrouzieri. With their voracious appetites, they make short work of this troublesome pest, with minimum effort. Cryptobug is the best weapon on the market for the effective biological control of mealybugs. Operation Mealybug has begun!

Mealybugs are a feared enemy, causing considerable damage to crops. Both the female adults and the nymphs feed on the plants, resulting in misshapen and yellowing leaves. They also foul the plants with their honeydew secretions. Flowers and fruits drop off the plants, resulting in greatly reduced harvests. Their protective waxy coating makes mealybugs difficult to control with chemicals, particularly in dense crops where it is hard to reach them. They can therefore survive the chemical applications, and re-emerge with a vengeance shortly afterwards.

One particularly effective natural enemy in the fight against the mealybug is the predatory beetle Cryptolaemus motrouzieri, available under the product names Cryptobug and Cryptobug-L. The adults (Cryptobug) are very mobile and equipped to seek out their prey, but are not guaranteed to remain in the same spot where they were applied. Koppert therefore now supplies them in the larval stage, under the product name Cryptobug-L.

Damage symptoms

Especially for Hotspots

The larvae of the predatory beetle are less mobile than the adults, so they are ideal for combating mealybug hotspots. Cryptobug-L can be deployed as soon as the first hotspots are detected. The larvae remain where they are released and quickly clean up the infestation. Trials in potted plants and other crops have demonstrated that Cryptobug-L is at least as effective as chemical treatments in dealing with mealybugs.

The Best Weapon

The best results are achieved by deploying the maximum number of larvae. This optimizes the chances of good egg laying and makes a complete life cycle possible, ensuring a permanent defense against mealybugs. Cryptobug-L can be used at temperatures above 16°C/60.8°F and in both covered and outdoor crops. As for Cryptobug, it thrives from a minimum temperature of 16°C and is at its most effective at temperatures between 25° - 28°C/77° - 82.4°F. Cryptobug-L is a powerful biological tool in the fight against mealybug - it's the best weapon!


  1. Ready to go: we deliver fit, energetic larvae, which are raring to go.
  2. The larvae have a voracious appetite, the consequences of which become visible in the crop very quickly.
  3. Cryptobug-L can replace chemical treatments, and the risk of resistance is reduced as a result.
  4. There are no chemical residues.

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