Category: Knowledge
Date published: February 02, 2023

Release Spical predatory mites as soon as possible!

Natural enemies are extremely useful and effective, but they have one major drawback: they have a short lifespan. That’s why it’s important to release them into your crop as soon as possible after receipt so they can complete their task and reproduce.

During transport, we keep the temperature as low as possible to ensure the predatory mites are ‘at rest’, consume little energy, and have a comfortable journey. On arrival at your farm, they will warm up again and become active.

Be quick

It’s important to release them into the crop as soon as possible. After all, the predatory mites have to spend their short lives eating spider mites. If you wait too long to release them, the number of predatory mites in the bottles of Spical will decrease sharply while spider mite numbers grow in your crop.

They survive a little longer in the Spical-Plus and Spical-Ulti Mite sachets, as these also contain ‘feed mites.’ But as ever, they do much better in a crop with their favorite food.

Storage advice

If you can’t release the predatory mites in your crop immediately, you can store them for one or two days at most. You must store the packaging horizontally, in a dark place, and at a temperature of no more than 8 to 10°C.