Category: Cultivation advice
Date published: August 18, 2021

Top Reasons to Use Biological Control in Berries

For a Cleaner, Safer Berry

Food Safety

Fewer pesticide applications delivers a cleaner, safer berry to the final consumer.

Worker Safety

100% safe for employees and customers. Crop workers can apply ad work with biological controls without any safety training or certifications.


There are no re-entry times or pre-harvest restrictions for biological control.

Organic Production

Biological control can be used in organic production where few miticides are currently available.


The cost of biological control per season is comparable to and often lower than chemical control.


Companies can capitalize on marketing an eco-friendly product.

Plant Health

Biological control reduces the number of chemical applications which promotes plant growth.


Predatory mites actively seek out and destroy their prey. Searching for and eliminating the mite population quickly and effectively even in areas that chemicals are unable to reach.

Resistance Management

Biological control helps to avoid the risk of resistance to pesticides.