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Date published: November 01, 2018

New Sachet Improves Spider Mite Control

New Sachet Improves Spider Mite Control

Following the success of a newly patented packaging concept by Koppert Biological Systems, Spical Ulti-Mite will soon be available in a high-tech foil sachet that ensures consistent performance in variable climatic conditions. Compared to other regular paper sachets in the market, the Spical Ulti-Mite foil sachets perform up to three times better. Trials have proven that Spical Ulti-Mite consistently delivers higher numbers of predatory mites under challenging conditions. Spical Ulti-Mite will be available as of 7 November.

Extensive research has resulted in a sachet that creates a better environment for the predatory mite to build up its population. The superior quality of the foil ensures the breeding system is better protected against environmental conditions that may affect the mites emerging from it. The sachet is narrower and slightly longer and gives the mites the very best conditions to develop even more swiftly and strongly.

Spical Ulti-Mite, which is widely used to control spider mite in a variety of greenhouse crops, can now also be applied to outdoor crops such as citrus and grapes. With the introduction of Spical Ulti-Mite, Koppert aims for more security for both grower and crop.

Fully compostable
The new Spical Ulti-Mite sachets can be disposed of together with the crop waste. The sachet is made of a newly-developed foil that conforms to the required industrial compostable standards. In addition, Koppert Biological Systems has reinforced the hook from which it can be attached to make it even more robust.

Launch of Spical Ulti-Mite at the IFTF
Spical Ulti-Mite will be launched in innovative style at the IFTF, the International Floriculture Trade Fair, which will be held from 7 to 9 November in Vijfhuizen near Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Koppert can be found at hall C, booth 2.27.