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Date published: March 17, 2023

Premium quality around the world

Koppert's daily mission is to provide its customers with the best possible solutions. It's a commitment that goes beyond product quality. After all, no matter where in the world the products are headed, they need to arrive on time and with their quality perfectly preserved. Koppert pulls out all the stops to achieve that for its customers.

Getting beneficials, bumblebees, and microbials – all natural products – delivered to customers alive and kicking is not exactly the easiest task in the world. That task becomes even more complex if a product in the Netherlands needs to arrive in, say, Mexico or Kenya within one or two days. Koppert puts much effort and dedication into controlling its supply chain.

Two guarantees 

Job Ebbelaar leads Koppert's Dispatch Department. 'We have to guarantee two things for our customers. One: the quality of our products must be perfectly preserved upon delivery. And two: they must arrive on time.'

Those two requirements are all-important: 'Our products are alive; they are fragile. That's why we pack them in high-tech, eco-friendly cool boxes with precise climate control in terms of temperature and humidity. That climate is specifically tailored to the needs of every individual beneficial, bumblebee, or microbial product.'

In the best possible condition 

Stacking the boxes on pallets with proper ventilation is one of many steps taken to regulate optimal conditions for specific products. 'We make sure they arrive at their international destination in the best possible condition, ready to deliver the effectiveness that we promise. We use data loggers to record climate conditions during transit. If something goes wrong, we can read out the error and take action,' Job explains.

A dedicated customs zone 

The second requirement – on-time delivery – relies on precise organization: 'An important element here is the fact that Koppert's Dispatch Department has its own customs zone that Dutch customs have declared as safe for our shipments. We securely pack our products here, to avoid time-consuming procedures at the airport or harbour. The work performed in this zone must comply with the extremely strict safety standards that apply to international freight,' Job adds.

Supply security 

It all comes down to total quality control, with smart forecasting of growers' needs, detailed supply planning, specialized packaging, and attention to handling, storage, and shipping conditions. It takes a great deal of knowledge and technology and strict adherence to protocols to control the health and reproduction of beneficials, pollinators, and microbials so they arrive ready to do their job.

Production facilities in the Netherlands, Slovakia, Mexico, Turkey, Spain, Brazil, and the US ensure that the distance between Koppert's live products and the growers is as short as possible. With more than 100 distribution countries, Koppert is equipped to receive, store, and dispatch live products, which often need to reach growers in a matter of days.

'As the global market leader, we deliver impeccable quality and leave nothing to chance. Our commitment to our customers is embodied in the peace of mind we offer them, thanks to our premium quality products and error-free deliveries. We work for growers!' Job concludes.